About Us

Tridhya TradeStock is a proprietary fund-based organization working on various derivative strategies like Calendar Strategy, Vol-hedge Strategy, Ratio Strategy, Bull Spread, Bear Spread, Arbitraging, and Hedging Strategies.At Tridhya TradeStock, we strongly believe in offering advanced career opportunities to our team and skilled professionals who power up our business. We also believe that the talent and motivation in our team drive our success.

We put forward the opportunity of a promising and long-term continued successful career for our team. We celebrate our team’s hard work and nourish their talent to amplify the potential of their growth and that of our organization. We mentor building traders and analysts in the derivative market with our scientifically designed approach devised by our experienced traders & mentors, and thought leaders.

Our Values


With passion at our heart, we engage in the financial segment with bright ideas to grow effortlessly, overcoming obstacles.


We are in business of making things great. we choose our actions with honesty and respect for our colleagues.


The idea of innovation to us is consistently improvising logical strategies, to take risks, learn from mistakes and constantly strive to exceed expectation.


We believe in collaborating and growing. we support each other, and our collective experience takes us to unimaginable heights.

Our Commitment

We are committed to creating and sustaining a diverse work environment. We invite fervent applicants to build a bright and zealous team in our strive for excellence in our work. Our people are our greatest asset – we say it often and with good reason. Diversity in the team and our culture of teamwork bring brilliant ideas to the table.
We, as a team, try to work with a Midas touch to absolutely rock all the milestones!